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Why the Experts in Ottawa Garage Door Repair Recommend a New Door Opener

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Has your vintage garage door opener collected rust or loosened? Or, perhaps, your “hi-tech” opener needs some shaking up. Whatever be the case, there’s always a good reason to upgrade your garage door opener.  Here are some suggested improvements to security features from premier Ottawa garage door repair technicians.


Garages have long since transformed from a shield for parked cars to a leeway into the house. Think stormy winters, when your family and little children simply want to escape into the house right after they get off the car. With such a huge burden resting on the doors of your garage, do you think you should settle for an everyday garage door opener? The answer is, surely, “no!”.

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So what can we do to improvise, you ask? Ottawa Garage Door Repair specialists talk about smart technology that involves two structures placed on either side of the garage door. These two components, about 10 cm – 15 cm in height, transmit a beam between themselves. Any object cutting through the beam then causes the garage door to stop its downward path and rise. Aptly named ‘Photo Eyes’, this feature keeps kids and objects darting in and out of your garage well protected.

The mechanical safety property of traditional garage door openers causes doors to rise up only if the door comes into contact, physically, with an object. Ottawa garage door repair veterans recommend including both these features for a higher level of security.

Rolling Codes

Garage door openers that have a remote programming of -, + or 0 are a thing of the past. It’s not too difficult to accept the logic behind this revision, proposed by those trained in Ottawa garage door repair.

Primitive garage door openers made it much too easy for marauders and thieves to decipher lock codes. More recent security systems have innumerable codes with countless combinations that can tighten the protection around your garage door.

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Smartness Incorporated

Ottawa garage door repair mavens, like our staff at Capital Garage Doors, have always believed in the integration of cutting-edge technology and garage door openers.  Shortage of time and the need for greater accessibility makes Wi-Fi powered, handheld-device-operated garage door openers more relevant today than ever. Modern door openers can be commanded through your smart phone, making them life-savers, especially during a natural calamity.

Full Throttle

Worried that your garage door opener will stop working during power outages or malfunction due to a leaking battery? The most useful improvement Ottawa garage door repair technicians recommend are backup batteries. This way, you get a warm welcome from your fully-functioning garage door even during electricity shortages.

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3 Ways Vinyl Windows Stand Apart From Other Materials

When you are plan to invest on brand new windows for your home, vinyl windows always remain the number one choice for homeowners. Across the market, one will get numerous window material options, such as wood or aluminum. However, when thinking about replacement windows, one won’t feel like replacing them within the coming two-three years. Everyone looks forward to a window replacement choice that would be durable and within one’s budget.

Off late, it has been seen that vinyl windows Toronto is becoming the number one choice for homeowners. Still, people come up with questions such as “Is vinyl windows a better option to wood?”, “How long will the vinyl windows last?”, and many more questions. Well, the decision to choose right window material totally depends on the choice of the recipient. However, in this blog, you will get to learn why vinyl windows are becoming the best option for homeowners.

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Why Vinyl Windows Are An Improved Choice?

In order to determine, which window material would be better for the home, one need to take a look into various factors, such as durability, maintenance, energy efficiency, beauty and so on.

Energy Efficiency: When you plan to invest on windows, vinyl windows are an improved choice. If the windows are not properly insulated, it could increase the electricity bill. Hence, if one wants to cut down the energy bills, vinyl windows Toronto can be advantageous. The windows being insulated and properly sealed would ensure that no heat escapes from the room. Nor air would find it easy to enter the room. Thus, the HVAC system, would consume less energy.  Thereby, it can lower down the electricity bills.vinly windows toronto

Lightweight: The vinyl windows come with foam insulation within the frames. This makes the window very energy efficient. Still, vinyl forms the lightest materials when used in windows. The biggest advantage of being light in weight is that they can be easily installed. It won’t take much time for installing across the home.

Most importantly, vinyl windows Toronto can be easily removed and cracks on the window frames can be repaired with the help of sealants. As they are light in weight, the cost of this kind of windows is very less. Going for this window type won’t pinch a hole in one’s pocket.

Versatility and Durability: The material vinyl is such that it can easily imitate the look of other materials which are used for windows. The best thing about vinyl is that they are available in various styles. Hence, one can choose it according to one’s preference. They can be easily fitted within any shape of windows.

Along with versatility, one thing which shouldn’t be overlooked about vinyl windows Toronto is that they are very durable. Unlike wood windows or aluminum windows, vinyl windows can withstand rough weather. It can easily resist moisture and hence won’t warp or develop rust.

 With all these things being said, you might now know why vinyl windows Toronto can be a better choice for homeowners. This window can greatly improve the appeal of the home.